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GenreGenre: The slasher
The slasher 2014 - download games for free.

If you grew up on the films of Stallone and Segal, as well as their followers on the shop floor, rehearsed series of blows from the movies in front of the mirror, you just have to play some slasher! And if you prefer melodrama, much more use unique opportunity skillfully destroy the battalions of the enemy line alone!
Most slasher characterized decent graphics, well thought out plot and a constantly changing situation on the battlefield. This game knows no pity and no mercy. You have to save the world from evil in the stern warrior.

The basic principle is without hesitation to shoot from the hip

The slasher is a pretty specific genre that requires some experience to pass. The members of our community will be happy to share knowledge with each other for free.
Here are just some of the features slasher:

• A huge number of enemies, packs valesiaca from the sword of the hero;
• Crazy dynamics of the game;
• Using only melee weapons;
• The game is first cut, then think;
• Additional thesis - less thinking, more time for murder;
• Complex combinations for some shots.

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