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GenreGenre: Stelsi
Stelsi - download games 2014 free.

In the genre of "Stealth" is not accepted with cries of "Hurrah" and his sword unsheathed to go hand to hand on the hordes of the enemy. The generic character of this category of games is the nature and behavior most similar to the famous Stirlitz:

• Smart, intelligent;
• Quiet, even unremarkable, with the cat's habits;
• Modest in appearance, but at the same time, the insidious and deadly enemy.

So look to the main character of most of the "Stels" - he knows his worth and will not make any unnecessary movements. The game itself takes place in a quiet mode that a lot shocking fans, for example, action.

Fight in a dark room with closed visor

You will need quietly, not drawing attention to yourself, to penetrate the lair Nemesis workarounds. To complete the task you will not shun secret doors and corridors, mines ventilation. Physical force you apply in a pinch and necessarily surreptitiously, most likely a Finca in the back.
Above you will laugh lovers of dynamic games, but you and your virtual spy better than that! So were conceived tops Stealth at the inception of the genre, as built rating novelties 2013.

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