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Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective - entertaining, interesting drawn quest. What can be distinguished in the first place?
1. The story is quite fascinating. The main character of the deceased. Until the end of the night he will have to learn all the details of his murder. If this task he cannot do it, then he will disappear forever. Well, as neither help cute Ghost?
2. Two-dimensional, but quite nice graphics.
3. Many locations submarine, the cuisine, the lair of bandits.
4. A huge number of characters.
5. Time travel, that allows to change the outcome of past events.
If you do not like long conversations, they probably you will irritate. But this change can easily forgive. After all, the gameplay is addictive in entirety.
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Ghost Trick was released on iOS

the iOS version of the game Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, which was released in January in December 2010 is finally out in the world.
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