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    CPU 800 MHz, 256 Mb, 32 Mb Video
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    CPU 1.7 GHz, 512 Mb, 128 Mb Video
Gladiator: Sword of Vengeance - the usual action, where everything, as always. But to play meanwhile interesting.
• Quite charming main character, endowed with charisma, trucks. For him and you have to fight.
• Initially, he has 2 hits. One of them is striking in its power and strength, second - rate. But alternating between these two seemingly simple technique, you can get amazing combination. The main thing - time toggle button.
• Additional skills during the battle. True enough, they will not work, such an honor to be earned. Put one hit multiple enemies? Get additional protection. Skillfully dodging many enemy blades? The reward will serve as increased damage done by your sword.
• The scale of bonuses that periodically appears on the screen, you can improve. But it is allowed not more than 3 times.
• The Central level is the Roman Elysium. Here you return after each job, here receive awards and new abilities.
• Pass the test at the special arena and become the owner of one of three types of spells.
Quite an interesting and exciting game, addictive diversity of the opportunities.
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