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    CPU 1,5 GHz, 256 MB, video 32 MB
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    CPU 2,4 GHz, 512 MB, video 128 MB
Glory of the Roman Empire is the game for you if you are interested in ancient Roman towns. Gradeseparated rather high quality and of good quality.
• You have to place several cities in Europe. It can be expanses of England or the Sands of Greece.
• Build the city is only half the work. In the game it will always have to visit and monitor the life in it.
• Positive or negative point (you decide) is the fact that in the new mission goes beyond all that you have achieved previously. All would be nothing, but errors in the game process will have to pay for the whole game. That's why we should think about every step.
• Development of the game is not original. Build houses for the population, buildings are responsible for food (e.g., butcher or Baker), do not forget about the industry.
• A limit of dreams and the highest point in the development of the game are villas. This is not surprising, considering that first you are the owner of huts with thatched roof.
• Mission connected with the construction of certain buildings. Especially pleases the presence of the fast track process.
Pretty entertaining game that allows you to feel the Almighty's mayor. Yet, one should not forget about the riots of urban residents and the attacks of the barbarians.
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