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God of War 3 is a very beautiful action. If in the beginning of the game the main character - Kratos - deprived Zeus all, then he gradually acquires a different abilities. Than you will be endowed with, going with him to the top of Olympus
1. Archery belonging to Apollo.
2. Use the head of Helios as a flashlight.
3. To run on the location with amazing speed.
4. Soar on the wings of Icarus.
5. Block attacks, using the Golden Fleece.
6. To apply for help to the spirits of the dead.
In addition, was a fantastic opportunity to change weapons, right, during the fight. You can start the combined blows of one kind, and to finish the other. Puzzles can seem pretty boring, but that they open the way for a new battle.
Overall, the game is quite entertaining.
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A real man

Agree, we are all playing God of War, wanted at least a little, but to be like Kratos.

Cartoon main character

Brutal, cruel, severe, and unprincipled Kratos from the video game series God of War has become a real symbol of the PlayStation.
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