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    CPU 1.2 GHz, 512 Mb, 64 Mb Video
The action of the game Gothic 2 unfolds in two weeks, after the events in the first part. The main platform of action - valley of Manantali island Khorinis located not far from the continent of Myrtana. Over many years held a magical barrier, which the civilized world are protected from prisoners of different suits, exiled to the local mines. Live on the island peasants, and in the centre stands the monastery of Innos, which carry out the service and conduct experiments Magicians of Fire. After the barrier was destroyed, the main character after a few days under the rubble of the temple, was found necromancer. From it he learns that cataclysm woke dragons, to stop them by using an ancient amulet. To find it and defeat the dragons by performing a number of conditions paladins, keeping mascot.
In the game has to travel a lot, making his way through the caves, valleys, fields, ruins, forests. All this is full of monsters, orcs, bandits, the undead. The hero has to look for the lost expedition, to fight the Evil Magician, to restore the destroyed amulet. While running errands and tasks is an island filled with orcs, people-lizards and the only way is to defeat the dragons. To do this, go to the island of Irdorath, but we need a map, adventurous colleagues and ship.
To the first part of the game added a new faction Paladins, the world has grown considerably in size, there are new characters. System changed weapons, added monsters appeared functional statues of Innos.
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