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System requirements

  • Minimum:
    2 GHz, 1 GB, video GeForce 6600GT/RadeOn 9600 256 MB
  • Featured:
    3 GHz, 2 GB, video GeForce 7800GT/RadeOn X850 512 MB
Action Gothic 3 starts in the place where he completed the previous part of the game. The hero comes along with the purchased friends to the shores of Midland. Once there was a flourishing Kingdom Myrtana, but the war of people with orcs ended with the victory of the latter. Alighting from the vehicle, the hero immediately enters into the battle for the city Erdei, which opens before him the possibility to go to any point of the continent.
The game has three main factions - the orcs, the assassins and the rebels: you can join any of them, the predestinated, thus, one of the possible outcomes. Taking the side of the orcs, the player is playing for Xardas, by whose order are searching for artifacts Adanos. The main heroes of the rebels is Robar second, otherdevice from all over the world magical dome. However, and under it there was a militant orcs, so Roberu not to the salvation of your capital - it is necessary to deal with the enemies closer. Above all these are the assassins living in the hot desert, extracting gold in the mines and parallel progress in the art of swordsmanship. Going into this world, the hero is able to become a master of battle on two swords.
There is Gothic 3 with three additional faction - normalcy, pilgrims and Wanderers. Normalcy live in the North, in the forge, you can get magic ore. Fighting the orcs Wanderers live in the forests and they can learn the magic of nature. Nomads oppose the assassins, attacking their caravans and mines. Their mages who study ancient ruins, familiar with the art of making, to learn that you can use the appropriate tasks.
A characteristic feature of the gameplay is the lack combo attacks, they were replaced on regular and special attacks. News are slower to spread in settlements appeared shields and helmets, the ability to fight two swords. Moves hero normal and quick run - potion acceleration cancelled. The development of the plot became more dependent on the player's actions, there is a possibility of three alternate endings. In the game hundreds of detailed characters with original characters, more than 50 kinds of spells, more than 50 monsters and about a hundred types of weapons. Entertainment in Gothic 3 obviously do not have.
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