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Grand Theft Auto 2 is the sequel to the popular action top view of Grand Theft Autо. The game takes place in a huge city called City Anywhere. In it peacefully coexist cyberpunk and old-fashioned style, go modern and old cars, and the whole area is divided into several areas controlled by gangs. The city has a huge number of buildings, including many interesting items, such as meat, Krishna temple or research centre. All the territory of the city without limits can be investigated.
The main character, as before, perfectly wielding picks and easily open any car in the city. He has to work on multiple bands simultaneously. Each of the groups has its own characteristics, auto, behavior, and used weapons. A unique system calculates ratings gangs and main player. If you make the wrong choice, one of the groups can be your enemy or your best friend and help in the implementation of the insidious plans. The availability of jobs depends on the credibility of the hero and his relationship with the gang. Just the game, there are 22 jobs where you will need to destroy the 3 leaders who run the city.
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