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Grand Theft Auto 4 is one of the most anticipated and successful projects of 2008. The game is made in the genre of virtual entertainment a lot of innovations and improved the quality level of computer games to the most high. Place of action of the new part of the franchise is liberty city, and the main hero is Niko bellik. Our hero came from abroad to his cousin Roman, who promised him a beautiful life with a lot of pleasure. In fact, everything is a little different: relative lives in cress, but work is not well paid job, and in the taxi. Plus Bellicon have to disentangle problems with local bandits.
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Niko Bellic

Brutal and uncouth Niko Belik from GTA IV while playing involuntarily evokes associations with the darling Russia.

Mafia on the engine, Grand Theft Auto IV

It just so happened that the game series Grand Theft Auto IV most often exposed to the attacks of various mordodelov. The fourth part is no exception. Liberty city was turned into the wise city, after expanded to San Andreas, was replaced by Niko Belik on a huge elephant, was unscrewing the schedule of games for the brink, and now does recreated on the engine, Grand Theft Auto IV city of Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven, which will surely please all fans of holeproof.
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