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Rumor: New info about GTA 6 and future GTA Online

Rumor: New info about GTA 6 and future GTA Online Grand Theft Auto 5

In the Internet appeared the next hearing with the new details of Grand Theft Auto 6 and information about the upcoming patch for GTA Online.

Rockstar Games recently revealed that GTA Online will be a new robbery, and this year the game will be released a few major updates. The developer did not disclose details of updates, but to shed light on the future of online mode could insider "markothemexicam", which in the past has proved its reliability posting some substantiated leaks.

According to the insider, the next big update for GTA Online is dedicated to the "business elite of prostitution" that would lead to the opening of the building of the Mile High Club. Presumably, this will be the "final" game update in December 2020, which includes already announced a robbery.

In this update, Rockstar Games will take players to Liberty City. It is known that with the city from GTA IV will return, and hero of the past - Niko Bellic. It will still be voiced by actor Michael Hollocik. Robbery will be linked to the theft of the gold reserves of the city. Players will receive a new activity in a free play mode, as well as the immediate task. For all of this Rockstar Games Liberty City rebuild to visually bring the city from the last decades into digestible form.

Talking about GTA Online, "markothemexicam" also said a few words about GTA 6. The insider claims that the new crime series will return in Vice city. Action back again in the past, although "markothemexicam" I do not know what time period this game is dedicated. Continuing the story of GTA 6, the insider added that the game will have a unique system of weather phenomena. This element of the game will have a real impact on the world and NPCs within it.

"markothemexicam" notes that the game will be announced next year, but plans may move. On the details end.
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