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Greed Corp, it would seem, the classic strategy, the main business of which is the land grab. However, to get a coveted piece of land is not needed in order to dominate it, and to destroy.
• Initially there is a huge field that contains the plateau in the form of hexagons. Your task is to capture and destroy them.
• Multiple levels of strength of any piece of land. Remove the top appears the bottom, which too should be deleted. And so on until the complete disappearance.
• In your submission will walkers, which you can send to the enemy rear. Therefore, the construction of the barracks is simply necessary. In one move, you get 8 walkers.
• Build and the mill, which in one move destroys one layer of the earth.
• Don't forget about guns and aircraft. The weapon allows you to crack down on opponents, and the plane can be used for landing in the camp of the enemy.
Pretty fun game that allows you to develop a plan. Someone will act in a partisan, some would prefer to go ahead. What will your choice be?
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