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    CPU 1.2 GHz, 128 Mb, 32 Mb Video
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    CPU 2.2 GHz, 256 Mb, 64 Mb Video
GTR: FIA GT Racing Game - is a racing simulator, which is very fond of the players. Races are held on special tracks and cars are the best in the world. Unfortunately, the driver's hands disappeared, but because the wheel itself rotates with the help of magic. Graphics are far from ideal, and it is bad. In this race the accident should look spectacular, but crowd roaring with delight. But, unfortunately, to applaud us, no one will. The drawing area is also a little depressing.
It is not enough time to turn the wheel. We have to consider the temperature of the car, wear of tires and a lot of nuances. For example, you set up the car for a ride in the heat and then the wind brought the clouds and pouring down rain. Pleasant little. Because of the wet track manageability becomes worse. Have a lot of sweat and learn before you will be able to show themselves on the highway and bypass all rivals. And rivals is not stupid.
Plot: drive, start the car and go. One goal - to win and to stay alive and not to fall off the track on the next turn. The game is very fun and interesting because of its realism.
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