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    CPU 2.4 GHz, 512 Mb, 64 Mb Video
Gun is a dream for lovers of the Wild West. Shooting, drink, chase, women... All waiting for us, but the main goal - the revenge. Our father of the hero was killed in a shootout, and now, holding an old revolver and through once fired rifle, we will search for the offender. But gradually you can find a weapon more powerful, or use the Indian Arsenal.
Opponents to strike a pleasure. One arrow in the head, another with a Tomahawk in the stomach, and if some more enemies? Six shooter has not been canceled.
Without a horse in the cowboys do not take. So four-legged friend is constantly with us. This not only increases the speed of movement, but also the number trampled enemies. For it you can even hide, but, of course, it will not add to her health, rather the contrary. So take care of your pet.
Speaking about the scenario, it's safe to say it's great. The constant change of scenery, unexpected events and deadly job - all this will be accompanied by good music, but, unfortunately, the average graphics. But what is the schedule, when there is such a great story?
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