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Half-Life 2 is a game that is really fun to play. Here, hourly, even every minute, there is something new. Only manage to control the situation. However, it is not surprising, because she has received many awards and the title of "game of the year".
If to speak about the genre, it is a shooter with a bias in science fiction. The story is quite entertaining. But to understand it fully, you have to pass 13 chapters. This is the kind of levels, but they are very elegant and original. By the way, to describe this game for the adopted standard criteria is very difficult. Difficult though, because there is no remarkable individual parts or small mistakes, against which the dignity of look brighter. There is one single mechanism, subordinates all. No failures or flaws. Therefore, to distinguish one thing is impossible. Of course, we should mention about some features that are inherent to this game.
• Refined gameplay, which does not allow to break away from the gameplay.
• The right balance weapons.
• The artifacts, one (the main) of which is odorous iron. She calls you Zhukov monsters that are likely to fulfill your order.
• Excellent level design. It is impossible not to recall the scripting scenes that look fantastic.
We can safely say: "If you haven't played in Half-Life 2, it means that you are unfamiliar with really good and high quality toy".
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If any games are fashion and custom development, then this game has relevance among the gaming community. This plan can only be happy for Half-Life 2, which was released over ten years ago, but the modifications for which continue to be created to this day.
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The network got the concept art for Half-Life 2: Episode 3?

In the Internet appeared the mysterious image, which may be the concept arts for the much-anticipated third episode of the continuation of Half-Life 2 from Valve. The estimated leakage laid out website Valve Times, and dated illustrations and sketches 2008.

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