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Halo 4 as a virtual computer game in the genre of FPS. Developed by company 343 Industries. Release date November 6, 2012.
The action takes place in the distant 2557 year. Giant alien bugs "elite" headed by a "Storm", which was founded by judge Jhula. He wanted to take revenge on humanity for the death of his wife during the civil war. Together with beetles Jul tried to awaken from eternal sleep a certain Didacta (mentor). He would be able to kill all the people. In July of the same year beetles launched its military force.
First Storm attacked staff UNSC and they all got on the Requiem. Here beetles are present six months.
In Krisna more than 4 years was the master chief, and the second character (u Cortana) developed a kind of digital schizophrenia. Both heroes, was brought to the center Requiem (artificial planet). Here they were met by mechanical Promethean with Didactum headed. In a result it turns out that earlier with people fought the Baptist - the race that built the space of the ring. They believed humanity dangerous civilization, therefore, tried to throw us to the lowest level of development.
The project has brought its creators 220 million dollars and this is only the first day of sales. 13 November 2012 was announced a new record in the entire franchise.
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The second part of the Forward Unto Dawn

Came the second part of a short series of movie Forward Unto Dawn on the motives of Halo 4, which says about the hard life of the space cadets school. The following parts should be in the copy of Halo 4 Limited Edition.
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Arsenal Covenant

In this dynamic trailer Halo 4 presents the Arsenal of the Union of alien races Covenant.
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Sea screenshots

Microsoft introduced a large stack of screenshots of the upcoming game Halo 4.
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Demonstration of weapons

Today it became known that the company-developer 343 industries has completed his three-year-old child and the game is submitted for certification to the publisher. On the wave of good news, here's another trailer for the shooter.
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New parasites of The Flood

Hideous and bloodthirsty aliens are parasites The Flood will return in Halo 4. Information about this was confirmed by the project Director Frank O'connor. However, to implement The Flood in the single-player campaign staff of 343 Industries decided not to fight a dangerous enemy, familiar from Halo: Combat Evolved, will only be possible in multiplayer.
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Developer diary

The network has a new developer diary for the game Halo 4 where you can see new footage from the multiplayer.
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