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Hard Reset is passed within four hours and this process is very monotonous. With this Arsenal of the hero consists of only two “guns”Rassmatrivat this as laziness or it is not a good start before the great feats?
Weapons are two types of this Convention. Going through the levels you want to earn experience points. They can at special kiosks be used for pumping.
By pressing only one button, after conversion, the machine can be turned into a shotgun, and then in the flare gun. Weapons other - electric it can also be modified. For example, a user with a specific improvement to create spheres of ionized similar to those which were in the Singularity. For those who thinks that this is not enough, the authors have provided a similar shooting mode with additional features such as the shooting and grenade launchers stopping enemies and optical sight.
The main character agree also to transform the capabilities of your body. To the level of projects such as Deus Ex, he certainly does not hold. In the future can be developed to collect more ammo and health packs from the bodies of enemies and settings shield and health. Development should not be neglected that local conditions are not scared wimps.
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Starting video Hard Reset

The initial video Hard Reset indicates that the hero has no time, he needs to hurry to complete the mission.
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New trailer Hard Reset

Before the game Hard Reset will not last long. To brighten up the waiting will help a new video from the game.
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Roll for Hard Reset

For anybody not a secret that very soon a new cyberpunky shooter game Hard Reset. And now its out I decided to put a couple nakatok to it.
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Hard Reset also did not get along with consoles

Developers are increasingly complain that it became difficult to give more or less decent games on older hardware. So the creators of cyberpunk shooter Hard Reset also vote with both hands progress: "We have made a PC-exclusive because the game is too demanding to go on the consoles five years ago," says programmer and co-founder of the Studio Flying Wild Hog Claudius SIG.
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Hard Reset is exclusive to PC

If you look at the date of the founding of the Polish Studio under the name of Flying Wild Hog, you can without a doubt say that the Studio is relatively young, established quite recently and his team has only 35 people.
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