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Action step-by-step strategy Heroes of Might and Magic IV takes place in a fantasy world in which we live, representatives of six factions. The main difference from the previous Heroes is the presence of three-dimensional beings, fight which accounts for two-dimensional maps. Another difference hero can be killed, but the command in the army goes to a stronger character and she can move around the map. Reaching the nearest town is possible to hire a leader, but he is, in most cases, are not the most impressive abilities that will have to develop in battles. To play Heroes of Might and Magic IV is possible against the computer or against other gamers in a network or online.
Among the innovations each faction has its own school of magic, it can be improved, gaining access to new spells. In every city you can hire five beings, and their growth is provided daily. Market designed to share resources, appears in every city initially and it is not necessary to build. Resources are extracted in the mines, they needed to hire some creatures. There is a new construction - a Caravan, you can use it to send troops from one city to another in the automatic mode, as well as to deliver to the city creatures of individual dwellings. Appeared the map editor, with which you can create your own site for battles. Heroes can do without cities may join the army, while wholesale, received in battle, and is divided into everything equally.
In the rest of the gameplay has been preserved: the need to build and develop the city, find mine with the resources to open up new land and take over city rivals. The fight takes place on a separate open the map that changes on the computer screen map adventures. Because the strategy is a step-by-step, there is a stock of a course for the hero. Once it is depleted, you can navigate to another day. The faster will be performed mission, the higher the status you will receive a hero.
Traditionally in the game strongly developed a magical component. Spells from different schools allow you to heal, to raise the dead, to create phantoms, strike the enemy fire. Each school has a spell of five levels, access to which is possible only when the relevant experience. Studied spells in the Guild of magicians.
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