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Company name developer Epic Games you mean anything? Yes, these are the same guys who created the Insides, Gears of War, and of course the game Unreal Engine.
To the word of their Unreal Engine is one of the most technologically advanced in the world. If you have a tablet or a phone from Apple, you can enjoy the creation Epic Games on a couple of Chair Entertainment: Infinity Blade II.
The game was released in 2011 on the engine, Unreal Engine 3. The word legacy gadgets from Apple does not support this game, because it's too much.
Infinity Blade II is a sequel to Infinity Blade. In it we have to immerse yourself in a fantasy medieval world. And we play for a Young war Sirius, who wanders around the world and looking for answers to their questions. But he travels not one company it is the mysterious stranger, which he little knows ISA.
The gameplay is divided into two parts: attack and evade enemy attacks. The word all skirmishes with the enemy put quite nicely, and boss battles are just breathtaking. If the gods of war to you unfavorable, and you managed to die, do not be afraid, you will automatically rolls back to the last save. But if you got a particularly strong and difficult boss, this system makes the gameplay in the nine circles of hell.

In the game there are five types of enemies: the knight, the giant knight with two swords the knight with a two-handed weapon, and, of course, the bosses.
The control is done using the go button.
In Infinity Blade II you will perfectly orchestrated the single player campaign and multiplayer. Convenient and easy-to-assimilate management. The beauty of Unreal Engine 3. Interesting and rather difficult bosses. Well built storyline. Ideal as koloboks at work, in the subway and at home.
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The sequel to the popular, colorful and beloved games - Infinity Blade 2 will be released on iOS December 1, 2011.
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