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System requirements

  • Minimum:
    1,8 GHz, 1 GB, video GeForce 6600GT/RadeOn 9600 256 MB
  • Featured:
    3 GHz, 2 GB, video GeForce 7800GT/RadeOn X850 512 MB
The plot is created in the genre of action RPG game Jade Empire: Special Edition takes place in jade Empire many years later after the great drought. The main character is raised in a peaceful village orphan, who became the best student of master Li specialized in martial arts. The servants of the Emperor kidnap his teacher, he goes in search of him and his adventures end with a fight for the future of the entire Empire. The player is offered to choose a character from seven different options, they have different personalities, but not appearance. The hero must go one of two ways - Open palm or fist. The first way is the way of harmony, the second path - brings into the world more chaos than order.
Based combat system in the game are the combat styles, learning whom you want to look for appropriate scrolls. Differences styles in damage, attack speed, special shock. Styles are magic, martial arts, support, weapon. There are four styles of transformations and two special style: Drunken master and the thief of the spirit. In game two dozen characters, providing the main character support or creating obstacles in moving toward the goal.
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BioWare about the return of Jade Empire

Jade Empire may return - BioWare "just looking for the right way to return". Here is what was stated today by the founders of BioWare, ray Musica and Greg Seduc at Eurogamer Expo 2011.
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