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Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier - platformer, the 6th part of the famous Saga of Jack and Dexter. The game received positive reviews from critics for unimaginable and dynamic gameplay, a large number of special effects and action points.
The story is quite simple. Homeworld Jack stocks Eco energy that threatens to destroy all living things. Our hero is accompanied by assistant Dexter and Queyras takes its journey with the aim to acquire much-needed energy. However, it is necessary not only to them - to the pirates, it is also necessary.
In the universe Jack there is another type of energy - Dark Eco. It is able to turn any creation in ominous hideous monster that happened with Dexter. Gamers will have to compete with a variety of such beings and robots and pirates.
To help the player comes not only various weapons and magic Jack. The hero can slow down time, to attack even Dark Eco and float in the air.
In General, the developers did a great job to gamers not to be bored at any stage of the game.

Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier continues the events of the original trilogy. Adventures of the characters begin on earth, but then the action moved to the sky - to defeat the Pirates you will have in their element. It offers five different aircraft, controlling which, you will attack the giant aircraft cruiser their enemies. Hiking same battles Jack relies on a new universal device Gunstaff, which can be transformed into different types of weapons. Arsenal and equipment ready, you just need determination and courage!
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