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Why in Kingdom Come: Deliverance no blacks and how to fix it

Why in Kingdom Come: Deliverance no blacks and how to fix it Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Finally, there was the opportunity to add to the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance black characters, though it will have to install a special mod.

Many have already heard the sensational story of how the members of the Board ResetEra made accusations of racism in ramdirectory Kingdom Come: Deliverance Daniel Vavra. The reason was the utter lack of in-game blacks. And because, really, what arrogance, what a horrible expression of racism: try to make all of the inhabitants of medieval Bohemia white. At the time, as movies like "the Sword of king Arthur" (2017) and "transformers: the Last knight" (2017) is trying to convince us that in medieval Europe lived not only blacks, but also held high military posts, the Czech developers are trying to distort historical facts.

Jokes jokes, but sometimes the hopeless stupidity of some people can not hit. Moreover, at the stage of development Daniel Vavra said that for the sake of historical accuracy, which, incidentally, is the basis of the project, the game did not add blacks. And it's not even the fact that the developers themselves have suggested that in the Europe of the middle ages could not be black, and that Kingdom Come: Deliverance was created under the supervision of experienced historians and experts on the middle ages. The authors strictly followed the advice and corrections of the experts and created a game around the historical canons.

However, as it turns out, not everyone has followed the development of Kingdom Come: Deliverance carefully. In addition, not all believe the views of historians authoritative enough that they clearly rely on. So especially for such people, a user with the nickname chetnix has developed a special mod that gives skin color of some characters of the game dark shade. Download the file modifications in the Appendix to this paper, and the installation instructions can be found by following the link.

Recall that in 2015 in the center of the scandal is Polish developer CD Projekt Red. Also, as the authors of Kingdom Come: Deliverance they were accused of racism. The journalists Polygon published a review which put the game just 8 points. The reason for this was the absence in the virtual world of the game "non-white" characters. In addition, the authors of the publication Polygon found in the Witcher hints of sexism. According to them, the game is too disrespectful to women.

Mindful of the situation with the Witcher and Polygon Russian journalists is not a little joke about how soon Western liberal society will be on Kingdom Come. But the speed of the reaction of the activists ResetEra exceeded all expectations.
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