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Kingdom Hearts 3 - the next part of the game about the adventures of the heroes of the Walt Disney Studio from Square Enix. Despite this cartoon based, it claims to seriousness, and the first in the series will be released on the Microsoft platform. In addition, players will find a fascinating gameplay, built on a fantastic plot. Heroes of animated films must find the seven guardians of light, as well as previous holders of the Keys of the Blades, so as not to let the Wizard Xehanort to close in the life of their plan. The law of the genre, he must do something incredible, namely to destroy the world balance of light and darkness.
The main highlight of the game should be the graphics, the emphasis which was placed in pre-release trailer. But with the gameplay, the developers are not very wisely, because of the new elements here only the worlds. But the detailed development is expected in the technical plan. Platform game based on the engine Ignite, so widely spread nowadays. This means that you should wait for the graphics level next gen. Realistic level inFaimous for consoles of new generation - simple.
But what happens with the developers in the end? To learn this, is to wait for the release.
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Sudden trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3

Developers role-playing game Kingdom Hearts 3 has decided to remind about his game, which, incidentally, came out in February, and has released a new video.
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A new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3

The company Square Enix has released a new trailer role-playing game Kingdom Hearts 3. The video is dedicated to the location and characters of the cartoon "City of heroes".
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