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The authors LawBreakers close the Studio

The authors LawBreakers close the Studio LawBreakers

In the network appeared information about the fact that the developers LawBreakers and Radical Heights of Boss Key Productions are forced to close the Studio.

About this in his Twitter wrote himself, cliff Bleszinski, Boss Key, the head and father of the video game franchises Unreal and Gears of War. After the dissolution of the employees Bleszinski is planning to refocus attention on his own family. He does not exclude that can return to the industry, but when it happens - is unknown.

A little over a month ago, we wrote about the fact that Boss Key Productions acknowledged the failure of multiplayer shooter LawBreakers. Then the developers build optimistic plans to release Radical Heights, which hypothetically could stand on a par with popular hits in the genre Battle Royal. The output of the project in early access not long to wait, and he even found a player, becoming to some extent popular. But it turned out that a small Studio Boss Key is very difficult to compete with those who have a few years on the market.
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