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"LostWinds" - this colorful arcade game could be for example a great combination of beautiful, carefully drawn graphics with an interesting plot.
The plot on a small island Mistelis always ruled spirits. The time came and one of them (Balazar) wanted to get all the power in their hands, but was defeated and imprisoned in a specially created "Rock spirits". Centuries passed. And here Balazar manages to escape from prison. To confront him this time solved two daredevils - spirit wind Andrill and plain boy Current. All the basic skills of the team and solve puzzles based on the force of the hurricane wind.
The brilliance of the game world and fascinating story spoils only one factor: it is almost lifeless. Very few game characters with which to interact, and opponents of the number disappoint. Only at the end of the game you will meet a worthy opponent is a huge furious barefoot.

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Demonstration LostWinds on iOS

In July, the developers of the game LostWinds - Frontier Developments has announced its intention to port the game to WiiWare on iOS and Android platforms.
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