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A brief description of Madden NFL 25:
Another game about American football, which will be built on a new engine from Electronic Arts. Interestingly, the game dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the series so popular American football simulator.
American football is a game for the elite, and most likely this is also true for NFL 25, this is a game for the elite. Usually critics and ordinary gamers judge games in this series through the vast amount of detail and little things that another person is sometimes simply impossible to specify and prove why this or that detail is so remarkable. However, it is from such details and are games NFL. Once the game is a masterpiece and when it turns into a kind of history.
NHL 25 covers a great many aspects and questions, and the result will be like "Quarterbacks"who throws the ball for the entire 400 yards, but the game even after this won. This game is better than the previous one, but to call it a resounding victory also does not work. So to NFL 25 can and should use such a thing as a moral victory. Moreover, full and irrevocable.
The most brilliant mode of course is a common career, which is several times more diverse than the usual alone game, because in this mode, you can upgrade/change players and their coaches, as well as quite funny looks way Superstar (Now You can even call the game with your own names). Thanks to games you can develop your own players, it's certainly not the level of Football Manager, but something. Believe me, it's just wonderfully made system that allows the player to immerse themselves even deeper into the game.
Of the minuses can make the system a workout. Why? Agree it's quite strange when you can manage coaches, but the latter is almost no way affect the team. Would coordinators, assistants, coaches and other employees - the game would look much more fun, and it is unlikely that such a complex task to develop.
But the engine works without any problems. It works not just good, he does it perfectly. Physics is much more realistic, especially when compared to previous games. The only thing that looks quite silly - so is the physics of collisions players. Sometimes in the game occur quite comical situations when the football star rushes across the field cocked own legs as if in them at least a dozen fractures.
The result:
NFL 25 this is a huge step forward compared with the previous part. Yes, of course any serious progress can not speak, but a large number of objects has greatly improved. In particular I would like to mention fleeting gameplay, which is something like a series of NCAA. This game is not a masterpiece - it's just a decent product that has its own advantages and disadvantages.
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