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Mass Effect 3 - addictive Action/RPG game from the canadian company BioWare. This is the third part of the Mass Effect series. Unlike the previous version, the combat system in the game is a little improved. More mobile Shepard, lightweight and faster travel from place to place - and that's not all. Added indicators grenades, rifts and many other necessary things which are peculiar to the Shooter genre.
Now Shepard can be used in melee heavy attack, which for each class is unique. Health now divided into 5 cells. If cells partially damaged, you can restore them if they are lost completely, then there will only penacilin.
In contrast to the second part of the game in the third version enemies are smarter, and they became more varieties. 3 main groups of enemies: Geta, Cerberus, the Reapers. Most of the skills can be combined and thus cause more damage to his enemies. Tactical pause gives you the ability to pause the game and apply tactical skills or to find the necessary weapons. In this mode, have a radar that indicates where the opponents or where to go to do the actual mission.
You can choose one of 6 classes: Engineer, ground attack, soldier, spy, adept or guardian. The greatest level that can be achieved - 60 (in the previous version of the game he was 30). You can import of conservation of Mass Effect 2. The player will be able to start from the level it reached in this version of the game. At the fourth level, you can select the further development of those or other skills.
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Garrus on the shelves

For all fans collect various side material from the video game, came the good news. The company BioWare put on sale figure of Garrus from Mass Effect series.


Calculating, smart, cool, fan of sniper rifles - Garrus Vakarian from epineuse the Mass Effect trilogy.

BioWare starts working on a new Mass Effect

Despite the recent departure of founders of BioWare, the Studio continues to work hard on the development of the third part of Mass Effect. According to Casey Hudson, within six months, the developers will release a variety of additional content, and the first drop will become downloadable addition Omega, the output of which is scheduled for autumn.
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The authors of Mass Effect 3 is not ready to give answers to the owners of PS3

Today we released a free add-Extended Cut, through which fans of Mass Effect 3 will finally be able to get answers to most questions related to the ending of a story about captain Shepard. However, there are those who will have to wait another few days for unknown reasons, BioWare has decided to delay the European release of the PS3 version of the Extended Cut. The inhabitants of the Old world, preferring to play on the console, Sony will receive a welcome addition only next week is the 4th of July.


Since the announcement of the Extended Cut, it has been almost two months and we still don't have the slightest idea about what awaits us in the summer DLC. “Evil” Chris priestly regular surveys on the opposition website traffic Hold The Line, producer Michael the gamble and some actors warn that voice is in full swing. We can only wait.

MassEffect 3 (Russian Voice)

Discussed in this topic will be about the Russian voice acting of the game. Voice for those who want to see your favorite game in your native language, because it is not particularly lucky - the first part was dubbed poorly, and the next, only with the subtitles, which are also not distinguished correctly. Anyway, sometimes just don't have time to read then there is a smallest (with full hd resolution) is written at the bottom of the screen. Therefore, an attempt to try to make a good voice suggests itself.

A new trailer for ME 3

From the annual gathering of the creators of the games on VGA 2011. We will see a completely new trailer from BioWare extended trailer for the game Mass Effect 3, titled "will Return to the earth".
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