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It would seem that the ending of Mass Effect 3 will put everything in its place and continue the space Saga can't be. But, from time to time, on the Internet, here and there, there are the statements of the leading wing commander BioWare about some details of the development of Mass Effect 4.
For a start, it is worth to say that the continuation of the Mass Effect trilogy just to be, for it is known that sooner or later the fourth part of cosmophere will be released. Most likely, the development of the game will enter the active phase after the release of Dragon Age Inquisition, because at the moment, almost the entire staff of BioWare Montreal is working on it.
Also, the developers claim that in the fourth part of Mass Effect, we are not going to play for our beloved commander Shepard. Probably the game will take place in the new world that survived the invasion of the reapers. It is unknown which of the eight possible endings of the third part will be recognized as canonical.
In addition to that already it is known that the engine of the fourth part will serve as Frostbite 3, which in addition to the Battlefield series also involved in Dragon Age Inquisition, which let's not forget, develops the same BioWare, the Canadian developers have already promised to use achievements from the third part of Dragon Age.

After the announcement of the engine for Mass Effect 4 rumors now that the planet that we will visit, will represent a much larger space than it was in the early parts of Mass Effect. As we remember, we visited all the planets in Mass Effect was limited to a few very long corridors. Of course, a powerful script and a strong direction was very bad situation, but you must admit, if there was no script and directing, it was hard to believe in the immensity of space, which is of itself though is quite big, but still limited set of cards.
At the moment to find something more informative in Mass Effect 4 is impossible. It remains only to relay the statements of the developers from BioWare on Twitter and other social networks. So, Aaron Flynn wrote that happy time was had for a few hours of the game in Mass Effect 4. According to him the thrill of a new part of it other than from the old trilogy. A few moments later the same Aaron Flynn wrote that more information on ME 4 should wait for winter-spring 2014.
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