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MDK 2 is a third person shooter, which was released by BioWare Corporation in 2000. The project is a direct continuation of the last part of the game and was completely localized by 1C company. The plot of the game tells a story that happened in earth orbit. The main characters find themselves again in the thick of things: land attacks new incrawler and again to stop him. The player will play for the three main characters: Kurt Hectic, Dr. Fluke Hawkins and his brave dog max. Depending on the choice of the hero changes and gameplay component of the project. For example, he often uses to fight enemies sniper rifle. Also, using it has the ability to solve puzzles. Max uses up to four weapons at once, and the Doctor plays the role of the experimenter. It constantly collects on the way different parts of mechanisms and may collect brand new devices that are easy to use in game situations.
MDK 2 for a long time held at the peak of popularity despite its impressive age. Therefore, the publisher in 2011 decided to re-release the project for the Wii console, and also created an updated HD version for personal computer.
MDK 2 HD - the new edition of the famous game with the new engine upgrade in sound and additional levels of complexity.
The gamer in control are given three character:
1) Kurt is a former cleaner, armed with a sniper rifle and a machine gun, dressed in a special suit;
2) Robot-dog, created by Dr. Flucom, has six limbs, four of which can take up arms, requires periodic recharging batteries;
3) Dr. Fluc - brilliant scientist, capable of junk to make the candy, and specifically during the adventure - weapons and all sorts of useful buns from scrap materials.
The story says that he was attacked by aliens. And our heroes are once again sent on a difficult mission to save the world.

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