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Medal of Honor: Warfighter is part of the eponymous video game series and the sequel to the game Medal of Honor, released in 2010, and appeared to restart the series as a whole. The game's plot, as the subject of the previous games in the series, tells about the operations conducted by the special forces unit of Tier 1. In this game the creators put the characters in the events that took place in real life soldier squad Tier 1, the game adds a great emotional component, such as the relationship fighters with their wives and children.
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How to properly cut the door

Published a new video project Medal of Honor Warfighter tells about the work and training of military specialists of different profile. This time talking about how to break into enclosed spaces.
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Screenshots of multiplayer

The creators of Medal of Honor: Warfighter demonstrated multiplayer of this project, publishing a selection of new screenshots.
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Football stealth

Published a new video project Medal of Honor: Warfighter. It is quite strange, but in the final it becomes clear why the stealth. Impressive.
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Official soundtrack and clip

Video Castle Of Glass, created jointly by the group Linkin Park and a team of Medal of Honor Warfightertells the story of a military family.
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One more race cars

New video project Medal of Honor Warfighter with comments military advisers slightly takes away from the hot fire, and focuses on the equally important member of the operational group of the driver.
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Xbox 360 version will be released on 2 discs

As with Battlefield 3, the Xbox 360 version of MOH: Warfighter will consist of 2 disks, will also be the option of establishing HD textures, according to the chief designer Ben Jones.
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Start beta

Start a multiplayer beta gameplay Medal of Honor Warfighter is scheduled for October 5, i.e. today.
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Gameplay trailer

Electronic Arts has awarded a separate trailer American gunner from 1 operational detachment "Delta", presented in the online shooter Medal of Honor: Warfighter.
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Multiplayer only on Xbox 360

Multiplayer Medal of Honor: Warfighter will be revealed to be tested, but only on the Xbox 360. Electronic Arts did not explain the reasons for such discrimination.
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Medal of Honor: Warfighter - the First story trailer

Publisher Electronic Arts has published the first story trailer for the upcoming Medal of Honor Warfighter. The video reveals the details of the story of a Monk. The protagonist of the game and his teammates are sent on a mission to stop a global terrorist threat and move the fighting to the enemy's camp.
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Video multiplayer games

On the game's official site has a new video mode with network Medal of Honor: Warfighter. In the video's description says that this card is called "Tangamanga jungle". On video, we can safely say that Rescued the Islands will unfold serious fights.
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