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Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance is a superset of the original version of MGS2, which has some bonuses. It was released for the Xbox, and later appeared for PS2 and personal computers.
A feature of this project was its additional content. The developers have implemented 300 new missions mode virtual training and 200 alternative missions that occur in the game locations. Now you can play as snake, and Regina, and it is also possible to select the desired mission suit. The main objectives of the new missions is a penetration in a specific location (using the capabilities of stealth), target shooting, killing, and destroying bombs. In addition, the game presents and mixed tasks, for example, to protect an ally or protection of a certain location.
In Europe version for all platforms were released at the same time. With the game now available a new film about the creation of the project. Many Japanese and American industry publications praised the game and gave it a fairly high score. The same opinion is shared by fans throughout the universe, noting the excellent implementation of new missions, as well as the variability of the passage.
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