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Metal Gear Survive found a message of Hideo kojima

Metal Gear Survive found a message of Hideo kojima Metal Gear Survive

One of the members of the Studio Konami left in the game Metal Gear Survive quite a mixed message of Hideo kojima.

During the creation of your own character before the player appears the image of the sheet with the names of soldiers. Observant players noticed that the first letters in the names of military very well develop into a strange word MMGKJPHFOREVERYY. But if you look in the middle of this like a random set of letters, we can see the phrase KJP FOREVER. KJP is an abbreviation, which is usually briefly called the Studio Kojima Productions, founded by a notorious game designer and father of the Metal Gear series Hideo Kojima.

At the time when the players noticed one more detail on a sheet with a list of the military, the news about the "message Kojima" already walk on the network (and even we on our page in Vkontakte do not miss the opportunity to publish a screenshot). But it turned out that this "message" is hidden yet potential leaders development of Metal Gear Survive. They are here referred to as "Bastard Yota" and "Cunning Yuji", meaning "Bastard Iota" and "Dodger Yuji". Apparently, the Creator of the list mentions Etu, Suzumebachi and Yuji Coranado and he's not very happy with them.

Recall that in December 2015 between Konami and Hideo kojima had a conflict, in which the designer was forced to leave the company. Together with Kojima left Konami some of the developers. Those who remain in the company according to this news now sorry about the made choice.
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