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MilitAnt - volume 2D-arcade game in which you have to fight along the way, experiencing a unique governance. In MilitAnt done on conscience - scale three-dimensional, not flat, as developers usually do, locations, unusual enemies and characters, and, finally, great mechanics, "sharpened" under control solely with the mouse. We have not experienced the game, that is, on itself, but the right to assume that we have a system based only on one button. Moving the virtual cursor, you control a character colorful fiery hell is causing it to jump, perform a variety of acrobatic tricks. But to crush enemies have through only used the mouse button. But, if there ended gameplay features. No. The game went on entrenched stereotypes - in MilitAnt you will have the opportunity to deal with enemies as you wish - on the run, jump, or hiding behind a box. Jump in, take a tumble, and just after that, perform the shot. Looks, I must say, very impressive. And we would love to give the game the proud title of "action", if not for the elderly 2D.
Destructible objects, spectacular explosions of colored lights that accompany each victory, colorful characters, well-made locations, entertainment, and exciting gameplay are just some features of this game. The project is definitely recommended for consideration, but will survive it or not, will vitanet whether projects with Sony counters, or will remain a toy for one day, as it happens with arcades for PC? The answers to these questions will we know when the game will be on sale.

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