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Mother Russia Bleeds - Patriotic shooter coming under the sign of the hammer and sickle.
Russia-the mother - is the translation of the name of the game, which can tell us much more than any, even the most professional review. The theme of the game is quite understandable - the developers have outlined it quite clearly, having as background the flame of revolution a bright red flag. But still, the developers have submitted so familiar to many of us the world under the simple name of the Soviet Union in a somewhat unusual light. The visual style of the game can be described as comical. What is it? Symbols? Or, perhaps, a strange perception of the developer? We don't know, but visually the game looks very strange. Hand-drawn graphics in it though and looks like oil painting. However, it is not what you want to see from a computer game. Unusual and gameplay. It illustrates the life and customs of the Russian people, offering the player to salamati bear in the arena or even to visit a nightclub. Every time we get the same - hand-to-hand combat.
Mechanics, by the way, this is almost the only element of the gameplay, which is really good. A variety of techniques, crowds of enemies, a wide open location. In short, frolic will be where. But as to the story, it is about it, the developers did not report. The game if not the arcade, without any background. This, of course, frustrating, but not perceive adequately perceive the gameplay.
And besides, the position facilitates the presence of a network mode.
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