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Election is a great responsibility. It does not matter what kind of Board it is. Whether the position of editor-in-chief of the school newspaper, headman of the tiny village, clustered around the alligator infested Amazon, or the beggar dictator of the island nation to get to each of these vertices are equally hard. The only difference is the number of ass that have to kiss.

But the main character is Not a Hero is not going to take anyone cringe. Perhaps it's his truly impressive size, and possibly that he wears a suit of purple rabbit and calls itself BunnyLord'ohms . Anyway, the story will revolve around his insatiable thrust for power.

But it is clear that without the need of voter support, even the rooster with a gold-plated eggs are not able to take a worthy post. Because BunnyLord decides to save his future followers from flooded crime city. That's just dirty your nice suit with the blood of petty criminals he is not going to, because you have to play for the other characters. And the future mayor will go on stage only in moments of violence over the heads of the criminal gangs.

The gameplay is Not a Hero is that the hero relentlessly rushes through levels and turns heads careless opponents to mush. And at the heart of this extravaganza lies very simple mechanics. All you need, just shoot down opponents with his feet, gliding across the floor, occasionally hide behind cover and don't forget to pull the trigger. But because of the high dynamics, the simplest idea carries an astonishing way.

Also, it contributes to the abundance of playable characters. Each of the nine heroes not only has a cool accent, but also highlighted the skills available. Someone is shooting with two hands, someone silently PROSet stunned throat, and someone with a satisfied face the firing haphazardly, like a drunken monkey. And the beauty is that the game is for each character gives unique emotions.

But that's not all, because Not a Hero in contrast to Olli Olli, also developed by Roll7, a second bottom. The fact that each mission has 3 optional objectives that are quite problematic. Especially with an incomplete set of characters. But it is necessary to open all of them and decide on the pet, as the situation changes – repeated passage of the levels is in a good way challenging and rewards for their skill even more drive and an indescribable feeling.

Unexpectedly from Not a Hero out of a two-dimensional heir to Hotline Miami, which slightly spoils the uniformity of the gameplay and lack of variety. But overall it's a fast, fun and very funny game that allows you to survive the election campaign a hefty guy in a rabbit costume, which is as spectacular as not inferior to the films of John Woo.
Our estimate of 8 points.
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  • Date: 06 June 2015 14:45

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