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Okamiden: Chiisaki Taiyo - new exciting quest Capcom. The main character - the wolf cub Chibiterasu, it is possible to see some elements of the hero of the first part of Amaterasu.
Events unfold in a few months after Amaterasu gone to Heaven, forever leaving Nippon. Evil again crept into the world of mortals, despite the destruction of the Lord S - leader of Evil. To the Sun God with a prayer for help is addressed by the Spirit of a tree Sakuya. And here to rescue you receive mystic - wolf-cub Chibiterasu.
The new hero possesses some ability Amaterasu, for example, by the magic of the Celestial Brush, but inferior in strength and mode so that in the new game is very limited.
Also he developed partners, who have a role. Chibiterasu can pass your folder together with other characters, which greatly helps in the battle, and when rasseyanii areas. The developers have added a new brush, the most notable of which Brush Courage". With its help a gamer can help partners to overcome obstacles.
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