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New hint on Mirror's Edge 2 Mirror’s Edge

Patrick? derlund (Patrick Söderlund from EA said that they have not abandoned the franchise Mirror's Edge in an interview GameStar: "I love Mirror's Edge and proud of it. We have not forgotten about the game. And now we are working on something... But I'm not ready at the moment to disclose details about the project," he says. The information a bit, but the important fact official confirmation of the development of the sequel to one of the brightest and most original games in 2008. If you still believe the rumors, the game is created on the engine, Frostbite 2.0, and the main problem for developers is to turn Mirror's Edge from a conceptual prototype to the whole an interesting game. Apparently, more or less clear path to achieve this goal, the developers have already outlined, and soon you can expect a full announcement of the game.

Design concept of new posts zobra Gaming community

After opening the website, I noticed that many of our users publish posts with a short description. And it is clear, for example, if an author publishes a post new screenshots of the game, what's particularly write... of Course everyone can try and squeeze out a couple of lines

Interesting details about the game Far Cry 3

After a stunning demonstration of the shooter Far Cry 3 at E3 the whole gaming community expects of the hit Ubisoft. Now the developers decided to reiterate these expectations, telling a number of interesting details.

The kidnappers Deus Ex brought to the court Deus Ex: Human Revolution

After the theft beta role-playing game Deus Ex: Human Revolution publisher Square Enix looked pretty calm. But in fact, the security service of the company conducted its own investigation of the incident, which resulted in a lawsuit filed in the U.S. against 15 Italian citizens.

The trailer and gameplay review Deus Ex: Human Revolution

The long-awaited third part of the cult game about the ordeals of DC agent Denton in the bleak world of the future. It's a fascinating mix of RPG and shooter wrapped in the packaging of pure cyberpunk, still so tired returns to the community after not too successful (in commercial terms) of the second part. Deus Ex 3 will be released not only on PC but also on Xbox360.

System Intelligence Vision in FIFA 12 FIFA 12

Recently, Electronic Arts published a video in which was considered the new system of artificial intelligence Pro Player Intelligence for the game FIFA 12. The new trailer more developers consider one of its characteristics - Intelligence Vision, which allows players to make decisions depending on what they currently see on the field.

Beta test platformer InMomentum InMomentum

Digital Arrow and White Rabbit Interactive announced beta test the multiplayer part of the project InMomentum. To participate in the beta, follow the link and register your account. Release the full version of the game will take place on July 27, 2011 exclusive on PC.

Skill system Might and Magic Heroes VI

Ubisoft has posted a video of the game Might & Magic Heroes VI, in which are considered the new skill system. Now, unlike the previous part where we had to choose from a pair of available abilities, the player has access to a rather large skill tree. They are divided into three main categories - Might (Power), Magic (Magic) and Hero (Hero).

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