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What is GoW 3? Gears of War 3

In the video "Crescendo" developers will tell you about what awaits us in the final Chapter of the legendary video game series Gears of War.

"The Ripper" for tourists Dead Island

Release the zombie action game Dead Island is planned for September of this year, however, the Russian publishers of games from the company "Akella" and online store OZON.ru offer today to order the game and save 10% of its value. You can order easy and a special edition Dead Island for the PC and game consoles PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Games of the gods will begin in August From Dust

Once the simulation of the Lord were very popular - it is enough to recall the success of a series of Black & White and Populous. Today, however, the genre went into decline. To correct the situation decided Ubisoft Montpellier, which a few months ago announced an ambitious project From Dust.

Mechanics including 4 - PvP System Diablo 3

With the heavens pouring fire. Red demons spewed ichor. Together with the other heroes in your squad you're breaking through hordes of enemies, wielding swords, fists and magic. You score the last of the Fallen to a bloody mess, and finally on the battlefield, leaving only you and your friends. You congratulate each other on winning and dismantle production. Everyone is smiling. But secretly, you think: "I'm stronger than you".

The creators of GoW 3 will Help beginners Gears of War 3

During his speech at the summit ComicCon 2011 lead designer of Epic Games cliff bleszinski told about the special multiplayer Gears of War 3, which will be designed specifically for beginners. The Epic Games staff recognize that those who are not familiar with the mechanics of Gears of War, quite difficult to shoot accurately when using the form in the third person.

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