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From Mass Effect would make a perfect movie Mass Effect 3

At least this is almost a hundred percent sure BioWare producer Casey Hudson (Casey Hudson). No important or interesting details forthcoming films, unfortunately, not told, but told how the writers came up to the creation story.

Games in Google + Game industry

Very popular nowadays and PR-company around service is gaining momentum. If you believe one of the pages in the "Help" section, soon to Google + will appear something called Games Stream.

Xbox 360 pleases Microsoft Game industry

Microsoft has published a report for the preceding financial year, which ended June 30. Entertainment unit responsible for the Xbox 360, games for PC and Windows Phone, pleased with the software giant for its success.

Kinect was summoned to court Game industry

Owners of various patents again trying to profit at the expense of the industry giants. The company Impulse Technology has accused Microsoft of stealing their patented ideas track the movements of the players.

The game world Rage

The developers of id Software in this video talk about the game world RAGE.

Mechanics including 3 - Battle with monsters Diablo 3

One of our main goals in the development of Diablo III is to do battle with fantastic beasts and demons of the world of Diablo even more than in previous games, interesting from a tactical point of view. The difficulty lies in maintaining clarity, vigor and swiftness of the battle, which is famous for this series. We would like to report on the progress of the work on this task.

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  • Oddworld: Soulstorm - Cinematic trailer and screenshots of Oddworld: Soulstorm
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  • The Outer Worlds - The screenshots from Game Informer emergency number and The Outer Worlds
  • Days Gone - The new trailer for Days Gone and information on the editions of the game

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