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Crysis will still move to the PS3 and Xbox 360? Crysis 2

Three years ago in the realm of the world wide web had been rumored about porting Crysis to the PS3 and Xbox 360. Oil on the fire then was added and the Germans themselves from Crytek, who often said that he had finished his experiments with exclusives for PC and intend to make games for various platforms. In the end, however, all that sort of stuff on the subject of console Crysis and not found a solid ground under the feet. But everything flows, everything changes.

Producer of Battlefield 3 on the game's plot Battlefield 3

Executive producer shooter Battlefield 3 Patrick Bach (Patrick Bach) reported interesting details of the game in an interview with Edge magazine. Speaking about the plot, Patrick said that all fiction. They are not trying to be based on any political or religious conflicts.

Police officer Tanner returns to his duties Driver: San Francisco

Police officer Tanner returns to his duties in the new game series Driver. Driver: San Francisco is the 5th game in the series Driver. Action returns to San Francisco with an old protagonist games Driver, Driver 2: The Wheelman is Back and Driv3r, detective Tanner.

Rockstar doesn't want to publish the game from the developers of L. A. Noire Game industry

Rockstar will not publish the next game the developers of L. A. Noire Studio Team Bondi.According to GameIndustry.biz, the developers are "trying to find another publisher for their future games, but the relationship with Rockstar has been badly tarnished. In the hands of the resource got new evidence happening the last 7 years behind the doors of Team Bondi.

Halo 4 will return to the very beginning! Halo 4

Stephen McGill, head of English division Microsoft decided to share with journalists about what will continue to develop a series of games Halo and what we need to expect from the series. There were a lot of opinions on what the new trilogy, the universe much b

FEAR 3 on sale F.E.A.R. 3

Recently released shooter game FEAR 3 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. All three versions are sold in Russia with Russian subtitles.

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