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Exhibition call of duty Game industry

Big event this year was announced just a week ago, but already managed to acquire quite a fascinating detail. As you have not posted? In September in Los Angeles will host the first ever event dedicated to the popular shooter series called Call of Duty XP.

Blame Valve Game industry

The announcement of war Electronic Arts for some reason almost coincided with the disappearance of some of the games from Steam. The most intelligent among gamers and analysts have been decided that the "electronics" started to "pressurize" the market leader...

Bethesda has announced Dishonored Dishonored

Recently discovered by a vigilant public registration of a new brand Bethesda, Dishonored, today received official confirmation. In the announcement of a new game. Moreover, it is one of two studios we anticipated — Arkane. Still, something we in the video game industry sense...

Crystal Dynamics began work on a new project Game industry

And rightly so, if resources allow, what to pull. Despite the fact that the restart of the Tomb Raider will take place not earlier than autumn of next year (if you believe official trailer), the head of Crystal Dynamics Darrell Gallagher (Darrell Gallagher) openly declares that the Studio has already begun work on nanosorbent "the stranger".

Small update 1.01 Gaming community

Dear friends today if You have noticed our website has had a small problem with saving posts and where some images were not displayed as they should. It was just on the site were made small changes.

A brief news of the day Game industry

Analysts have called the sales person shooter Duke Nukem Forever "disappointing," lowered its sales forecast from 3 million to 1.5 million copies and, accordingly, reduced the estimated revenue of the publisher Take-Two.

BioWare sets up artificial intelligence Mass Effect 3

Game role-playing game Mass Effect 3 Christina Norman said that in the walls of the Studio BioWare, the future soldiers of Cerberus and the Reapers are a tough drill. Literally every day they are being brainwashed, preparing for a meeting with the players: "We reinvent artificial intelligence almost every day!

Information on the development Grand Theft Auto 5

Today confirmed the release date of the new Grand Theft Auto 5, about the release of the game has told people close to the game developers. They said that the game is almost ready, but in stores it will most likely appear next year.

Namco Bandai is preparing to enter in SoulCalibur 5 the names of the two new fighters SoulCalibur V

In anticipation of the exhibition Comic-Con 2011 which will be held from 21st to 24th July, on the territory of San Diego, the company Namco Bandai started to slowly warm up the hearts of fans SoulCalibur. The chief ideologist of the fifth part of SC Daishi of Odashima on his personal Twitter page posted a couple of concept art depicting the silhouettes of two "tainstvennyh" heroes.

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