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First gameplay video WWE Brawl WWE Brawl

In the network appeared the first gameplay trailer for the game WWE Brawl, as shown by the long time of the presentation of the WWE. It is possible to see the heroes of wrestling, made in cartoon form.

Six years on engine Hitman: Absolution

Fans of Agent 47 waiting for his new adventure for over five years and by the end of the sixth year after wait — not the longest period in history, but also short for such a popular brand, it also will not name (the other won rivet on the game in a year and say little, but because they want a subscription).

Half-Life 3 in development Game industry

A new portion of rumors about Half-Life 3 appeared on the Internet. Ryuuk user forum Steam, claims that he had access to a summary of one of the former Valve employees. This employee not worked on the third episode, namely on the third part of the game.

id Software has created another game before starting work on Rage Rage

Matt Hooper (Matt Hooper), Director of design id Software, said that the Studio was working on completely different projects before you start developing a new game RAGE. The team spread to the creation of a post-apocalyptic shooter only after they had the "opportunity" to begin to create it.

The game will be released on PC and PS3 Limbo

Atmospheric and interesting platformer Limbo tells the story of a little boy who woke up in the forest, on the border world of the living and the dead. Players will have to overcome a difficult path through the dark forest and find his sister.

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