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System requirements Battlefield 3 Battlefield 3

The most serious American video game trader GameStop, apparently, enjoys the love and affection publishers. Otherwise it would have been NetWorker from the first to know the minimum and recommended system requirements for Battlefield 3?

PlanetSide 2 will be released in spring 2012 PlanetSide 2

About the fact of working with Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) on something that is related to a series of PlanetSide, we know for a long time. And today, finally made an official announcement of multiplayer shooter PlanetSide 2, which formerly was under the working title PlanetSide Next.

Development of Mirror's Edge 2 will continue Mirror’s Edge 2

The second part of the adventure action-platformer, first-person Mirror's Edge will appear, says publisher Electronic Arts. Early in the year, rumors started spreading that the project Mirror's Edge 2 is closed, and the employees of the Studio DICE said that they now have no time for this game.

Addition Dragon Age 2: Legacy will be released on July 26 Dragon Age 2

New downloadable addition to the role-playing game Dragon Age 2 will be released at the end of the month, on 26 July, according to publisher Electronic Arts. The development of the addon, entitled Legacy, deals with the Studio BioWare, which created the original game. Spread the Supplement will be online only; p

LG decided to compete for first place in the market of games for handheld platforms 's iron

In the unending struggle between portable consoles – first DS against , now 3DS vs. PS Vita – we have lost sight of the smartphone manufacturers. Their pathetic attempts to enter the "professional" gaming market could only boast of multi-million income, not a love of real gamers. And all would be well, if not many years of war between the Japanese and Koreans. First continue to delight us with bits of his brilliant mind, and the latter are trying to outdo their neighbors.

A set of covers for CDs Gears of War 3

Decided to put the CD covers for the game Gears of War 3. The selection I have inserted a few of their covers and a few other people that I most liked.

Exhibition call of duty Game industry

Big event this year was announced just a week ago, but already managed to acquire quite a fascinating detail. As you have not posted? In September in Los Angeles will host the first ever event dedicated to the popular shooter series called Call of Duty XP.

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