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Torchlight 2 "too big" for Xbox 360 Torchlight 2

This fall on PC goes sequel to the action role-playing Torchlight, which was praised even Blizzard employees. Not surprising, since its establishment engaged in their former colleagues who worked on the first Diablo. Torchlight was successfully sold on the Xbox Live service, so why now the developers have decided to bypass the platform party? According to Studio head Runic Games ' max Schaefer, it's all in the memory of the console. Torchlight 2 is much larger and more ambitious of the original, so that the sequel does not shrink to the requirements of Microsoft.
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The Wii version of Modern Warfare 3 in safe hands Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

For owners of the Nintendo Wii have good news version of the shooter Modern Warfare 3 for this platform was in good hands. Transfer the game on the Wii entrusted not some little-known Studio, and the Treyarch team that created Call of Duty: World at War and more successful Call of Duty: Black Ops. This was reported by Robert Bowling from Infinity Ward.
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System requirements of Tropico 4 Tropico 4

Yesterday, the company Kalypso Media has released the system requirements Tropico 4 (PC, Xbox 360), you have to try on the role of the ruler of a banana Republic fail. However, the requirements are extremely low, using minimum bar will jump even computers five years ago.
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Rambo igraiut Rambo

Chinoserie "Rambo" will appear isreadable, according to British publisher Reef Entertainment. Reef bought from a French production company StudioCanal, which is part of the conglomerate Vivendi SA, the right to the development of computer and video game inspired movie "Rambo". Under the agreement, the British can
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Hard Reset also did not get along with consoles Hard Reset

Developers are increasingly complain that it became difficult to give more or less decent games on older hardware. So the creators of cyberpunk shooter Hard Reset also vote with both hands progress: "We have made a PC-exclusive because the game is too demanding to go on the consoles five years ago," says programmer and co-founder of the Studio Flying Wild Hog Claudius SIG.
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