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id Software has created another game before starting work on Rage Rage

Matt Hooper (Matt Hooper), Director of design id Software, said that the Studio was working on completely different projects before you start developing a new game RAGE. The team spread to the creation of a post-apocalyptic shooter only after they had the "opportunity" to begin to create it.

The game will be released on PC and PS3 Limbo

Atmospheric and interesting platformer Limbo tells the story of a little boy who woke up in the forest, on the border world of the living and the dead. Players will have to overcome a difficult path through the dark forest and find his sister.

Demo Pirates of the Black Cove

In the network appeared the demo of the game Pirates of Black Cove (Pirates of Black Cove) from Nitro Games. Game publisher - Paradox Interactive. The game takes place in the XVI century in the waters of the Caribbean. Becoming a pirate, we have to achieve the cherished goal - the title of the Pirate King (King of All Pirates).

The creation of the world Deus Ex: Human Revolution

The network published a new part of the diary project developers of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which tells about the cities of the virtual world. In the video they say that city for the game were created on the basis of modern - with panoramic views, they are still quite similar to the real and recognized at a glance.

System requirements Dead Island

In the digital distribution service Steam appeared the minimum and recommended system requirements for the upcoming zombie shooter Dead Island. As you can see, they were not very demanding PC, so most players should have no problems running games.

The list of cars Driver: San Francisco

In the game Driver: San Francisco is expected a large variety of cars. Ubisoft has published the full list of cars that will be available. The game Driver: San Francisco is expected September 2, 2011.

A new piece of video Rage

Before You new release videodnevnikov the developers of the game RAGE from id Software and Bethesda Softworks. Events RAGE happen in the near future. When humanity is under threat of destruction from the collision of Earth with a giant asteroid, the leaders of all Nations decided to create a special ark, in which elected would have found refuge deep beneath the surface of the planet...

Action to reduce re-sale Resistance 3

Resistance 3 game from Sony, was characterized by the fact that the activation code for multiplayer games will be possible only once. Such a move Sony explains that it plans to reduce the number of re-sales of the same game instance.

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