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Papo & Yo - this is a very interesting story platformer, created by the canadian company Minority. Tells the game is about the history of one boy (Kiko), who tries to escape from his father-alcoholic in an imaginary world.
In this world, the boy finds a friend who is quite clearly repeats traits of the father Kiko. This friend the beast, in normal times, phlegmatic and half-asleep. However, things change, it's worth it just to see poisonous frogs. Monster has for him strange weakness and immediately eats. After swallowing frog, animal berserk, vent which the boy. Kiko loves his friend and tries to help him. To withdraw from this state of the beast can only give it a blue fruit.
The game is a series of puzzles, collect them hard. In most cases, you simply need to activate the highlighted area.
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