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Persona 5 - story RPG with a Japanese touch.
The game takes place in school, which is quite traditional for games in the genre of Japanese RPG. And then, of course, the case content. The plot of the game is strictly social, and offers the gamer to discuss the topic of the constraints of modern society. Because the characters in the game are part of it. And the objective of the game will be a complicated attempt to break out of these limits.
Philosophical beginning of the game confirms the phrase given in the release of the movie - "You're a slave. Want emancipation". As for the gameplay, here we can only speculate, as long as the game is only at the development stage. But we already know the distinctive features of the Japanese RPG. So here they are in order to help potential players anything like a full understanding of the game.
  • The combat system will be built on a mixture of spells and Boxing.
  • A stripped down system customization.
  • Manage a group of characters.
  • Travel mode is present.
  • Traditional anime graphics.

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Launch trailer for Persona 5

The premiere trailer for the Japanese role-playing game Persona 5. The project is now available for purchase and download on the PSN service.
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Trailer of game mechanics in Persona 5

The release of Persona 5 was moved from February 14 to April 4. And that you are not so worried, the authors published a new video about the game mechanics.
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