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Pirates of Black Cove presented by the Finnish company Nitro Games (authors strategic direction East India Company), which plays well on feelings. Though, certainly it survive until the classics Sid Meier as drunk boatswain to Admiral of the Royal Navy of England.
The meaning of the game is to play the role of any of the three captains pirates ( you can choose skillfully wielding a sword orphan, big man perfectly firing a musket or cute girl skillfully wielding swords ). Bravely to plough open spaces of the Caribbean sea and act executing orders of local factions represented by buccaneers, pirates and poachers.
Eventually need all these groups together and act against organized title pirates zombie Black lagoon, actively using voodoo and very carefully conceal their whereabouts. If a player is able to destroy them he becomes king of all local pirates.
A simple system's role fits into this scheme. Each of the characters, in addition to the specialised his weapons, has the characteristics of speed and pressure of the attack, and manifestations of qualities of resistance. Doing quests, characters rise in their levels and their performance is constantly growing. In addition, at the start, each player receives one any skill ( such as increase of resistibility of losses). In the process of achieving higher levels, you can get another skill.
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In the network appeared the demo of the game Pirates of Black Cove (Pirates of Black Cove) from Nitro Games. Game publisher - Paradox Interactive. The game takes place in the XVI century in the waters of the Caribbean. Becoming a pirate, we have to achieve the cherished goal - the title of the Pirate King (King of All Pirates).

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