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Platform: Dreamcast
Download Dreamcast games 2014 free.

Model Dreamcast is significant that after her game consoles under the brand name "Sega" is no longer available. The company has focused its efforts exclusively on game development. Gamers around the world can only be nostalgic for the glorious line of Sega consoles, given the fact that for many this is the main thing that I remember from my childhood.
Dreamcast first saw the light at the end of 1998 at home in Japan, but almost a year later successfully immigrated to the US also began to supply these consoles.

Features and advantages of the Dreamcast:

• Relatively low price;
• Online project Sega-Net;
• Dreamcast is the last console released by Sega;
• The first console with a 128-bit Central processor;
• Compact size and light weight (1.9 kg);
• No need to buy a modem separately, it is included in the kit;
• Built-in browser is ready to ensure a pleasant walk over the Internet;
• As a medium used is an optical disk format GD-ROM;
• The original controller ergonomic design.

Among the most popular games released for this console, well-deserved first place in the ranking is Sonic Adventure.

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