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Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) game console, third generation, released back in 1983, when many modern gamers were not born. NES is among the dinosaurs of the game industry, which is already fit to put legends.
Major features of the console:

CPU - 8 bit;
Permanent memory cartridge 48 KB.

These parameters greatly surprise any young player by the fact that they existed at all, but in the heyday of the NES that was good enough for the developer recovered millions in profits from sales.
During production NES was created many wonderful games, taking places in the top leaves, but the highest rating earned unforgettable plumber Mario (Super Mario).

NES and DENDY: not all children born in lawful wedlock

Fans of the super popular in Russia in the early 90-ies of games for 8-cue "Dandy" (DENDY) you shouldn't really be upset due to the fact that they were not able to play NES, as these relate console like sisters, one of which is illegitimate. The reason is that "Dandy" is an exact copy of the NES, counterfeit, produced in Taiwan. It at one time flooded the domestic market.

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