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Platform: Nintendo 64
Download Nintendo 64 games 2014 free.

Nintendo 64 occupies a worthy place among the fifth generation consoles. It was released in 1996 and immediately threw it into the shock players and developers around the world, because you had to use no CD-ROM drives, and outdated ROM cartridges. Developers new hastened to reassure the public that cartridge games load faster and generally that this media is more reliable. Ever since the Nintendo 64 won fame as the last of the Mohicans as the last console released under the cartridges.

Brief description Nintendo 64:

• Processor, as the name implies console, 64-bit with frequency 93,75 MHz;
• Coprocessor (RCP 62, 5 MHz);
• RAM - 4 MB;
• Special drive with magnetic drive (64 MB).

The Nintendo 64 controller is presented in the form 10-button Joypad and quite easy to use. For the console was released a lot of games, the best among them are:

• GoldenEye;
• Perfect Dark;
• Banjo-Tooie;
• The Legend of Zelda.

However, the first place in this top list is, of course, the legendary Super Mario 64, which broke all ratings.

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